The Booster Club helps MHS maintain a proud image by supporting students and their school-sponsored extracurricular activities by the collective giving obtained through paid membership and donations.
The Booster Club strives to support all MHS students with the resources they need to be successful. Our members take great pride in contributing to the growth, development and success of Manhattan High School, our students and our staff. After all, they truly are what makes MHS great! But we all know that without the support of those around us, our mission would not be possible.

A school's success is a reflection of the support it receives from the families and its community. 

Pride in our students and school is why we rally together as a Tribe and do what is needed to make sure that our school, students and staff have the tools they need to thrive and achieve greatness. This is where you come in…… Please consider becoming a member of the Manhattan High School booster club. Join our Tribe and help us reach our goal in providing the support that is needed. Your membership helps us provide funding where funding is lacking!

In recent school years, we were able to help provide funding or assistance to the following: 
  • Robotics Club – Competition Registration fee 
  • Jazz Ensemble – Flugelhorns & stands 
  • Orchestra – Electric violins, Double bass & wireless microphones 
  • The Band – Drums & bells 
  • Rezac Theatre – Microphones and cases 
  • Several Clubs (SADD, BPA & Tribe) 
  • Athletic Departments (Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Soccer, Track & Field, Wresting, Volleyball & Football) 

Again, all of this would not have been accomplished without the families, community members and businesses investing in not only our school but in the success of our students and staff. Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference. Please help us in making that difference. Thank you for considering this invitation to join MHS Booster Club! If you have questions, concerns or just need more information, click our contacts link. We look forward to working with you!

Thank you for contributing to the growth, development and success of Manhattan High School students.  Your philanthropic support continues to be an essential.
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